5 Free Sticky Situations

The Mafia Wars Team is giving us 5 free Sticky Situations for the current Buzz Craft event. This gift will appear in your notifications. You need to have Mafia Wars notifications turned on. You can use the link below if your settings are adjusted properly. Sometimes you need to click these links two times. Go here for more detailed instructions on how you need to adjust your settings if it doesn’t work. Thanks to Edward for posting on our fan page.



Latest News: Free Stamina Point

"Keep fighting & robbing with a FREE stamina point!


A Candy Coated Update

Yesterday Zynga released new Crates and it was a little bit confusing [1]. On the home page they were called Candy Coated Crates and in the Marketplace they were called Confectionary Crates. The home page banner has been updated so now we know they intended for them to be Confectionary Crates. They probably went with Confectionery to avoid all the Candy Coated Bullshit jokes.


Latest News: FREE Energy Point

"Complete more jobs & advance more quickly with a FREE energy point!


Quick Trigger: Official Mafia Wars Scripts Coming Soon?

The following was posted on the Official Mafia Wars Blog and then it was pulled very shortly thereafter. It remains in the feed burner and can be found here. It looks like Zynga is getting ready to launch a Chrome Extension called Quick Trigger and it looks like there will be some automation involved. At this time I don’t know why they pulled the post but it sounds interesting. I did a search of the Chrome Store and there was nothing there.


Latest News: Free 5 Sticky Situations (Buzz Craft) from Mafia Wars Team

Free 5 Sticky Situations (Buzz Craft) from Mafia Wars Team


Oil Rig: Limited Time Property #43 Coming Soon

Today is the last day of the VIP timer on the Pizzeria and images for the 43rd Limited Time Property have already been added to the servers. Zynga just won’t give us a break from these things! This one is an Oil Rig and I doubt those Marble Slab look alike parts will be needed here [1].



Are You Experienced?

What could this little diddy on the Mafia Wars fan page mean [1]? We should all know by now that the Family Experience icon is 3 blue experience starts and for years we have been asking for more opportunities to get Family Experience. This could be it! Perhaps they are going to have a Family Property and it pays out Family Experience. What are your guesses?


Latest News: Free 5 Decoys Boosts from Mafia Wars Team

Free 5 Decoys Boosts from Mafia Wars Team


New Property Coming Soon?

The Mafia Wars Fan Page posted an image of something we 'will be needing a lot of soon' [1]. District 7 of Mexico should be released in a week or so and odd number districts have a property [1]. We never did get a 5th property in South Africa [1]. I doubt it’s for either of these as the properties in both these destinations have all required the same set of parts. The 3rd Family Property is also a possibility. The possibility of a returning destination has been around for a while but I would think they would let players get caught up on the properties they never got the chance to upgrade in the past [1]. Of course we are due for another Limited Time Property soon and they could just be trying to generate some buzz and excitement as they have to know we hate these things! There are plenty of possibilities. The item shown below has yet to be added to the inventory but what ever it is we will need to be begging soon.


Latest News: Collect 6 Arena Health Refills for Free!

Collect 6 Arena Health Refills for Free


Syd Slaughter Needs To Go!

It’s been 83 days since Syd Slaughter came to town [1]. When the Family Boss Fights were first introduced they normally stuck around for 90 days. As of late, they have been replaced about every 60 days. If Zynga continues with this feature we may see a new one soon. Perhaps the delay is a sign that something is going to happen with this feature or it could just mean that Zynga is trying to make them last longer. If they didn’t refresh loot so frequently these Boss Fights could stick around for 6 months and still be worth the effort. As it stands now you can loot equivalent stats in the Mexico City Store!



Latest News: FREE 6 RUTHLESS from Mafia Wars Team

FREE 6 RUTHLESS from Mafia Wars Team


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