New Level Cap: 300,000

To the delight of serial levelers around the world the level cap of 154,274 was lifted last week [1]. At the time we weren’t sure what the new cap was but according to two different players Customer Support told them it was 300,000. This will be the first level cap increase in which players won’t have to worry about hitting any time soon. Zynga must have gotten tired of constantly updating and took the players suggestions of making it much higher. The addition of the Arena and high energy South Africa job the game was basically redesigned to favor fast leveling. It’s about time the cap became more realistic. If you are following the Mafia Tornado sites race to reach the cap, the leader has gone up about 9,000 levels in a week [1]. If the cap of 300,000 is accurate than it should take him about 4 months to get there. Those who just want to play without the fear of hitting the cap can now breathe a little easier and play the game they way they would like to.


Latest News: FREE 3 Reflectors (daily notifications gift)

FREE 3 Reflectors (daily notifications gift)

To welcome you back, 3 Reflectors have been added to your account.


Cease Fire: OMERTA V Mock War

The OMERTA V Mock War is now expired. If you participated don’t forget to change your script settings. OMERTA V thanks all the cosponsors and players for making this event a success [1].


Latest News: Free 6 Hic-Hics from Mafia Wars Team

Free 6 Hic-Hics from Mafia Wars Team


Family Business 5 Drama Loot

The loot items that drop from required tasks in the Family Business Missions can cause serious drama for some families. These loot items come from older generations of Stranger’s Swag but are still active for the majority of players including VIP subscribers. In the 5th Family Business Mission there are 4 drop items that come from the 27th generation of Stranger’s Swag which was offered in April [1]. Since they are still active most players would like to max on them. The one advantage for players who feel they do all the work on these Missions is this loot. There are plenty of items available to go around but it’s next to impossible to get a large group to slowdown and wait and ensure everyone gets a piece of the pie. Joe Blow will come online and discover he missed an opportunity. He will then look at the Kin Point Leaderboard and see that Billy Badass finished the entire Mission while he was sleeping. He will do the math and berate Billy Badass for taking more than 500 items and go ballistic. Others will chime in and a drama thread is born. Zynga threw in some extra spice by releasing the current Family Business Mission while there was a competitive Family Ice Event in progress. These 2 events did not mix well!


Might Path Parts 2 and 5


Might Path Parts 3 and 5/Muscle Path Part 5


Might Path Parts 4 and 5


Might Path Part 4/Muscle Path Part 4


Latest News: FREE Health Point

Boost your health with a FREE health point!


2X Family Experience: 08/16-08/17

As announced earlier on the Mafia Wars fan page, 2X Family XP ‘Happy Hours’ are now in effect [1]. The bonuses are shown in game on the Family Progression Module and any bonuses from The Mansion are also doubled. There is also a 2X icon on the module and Mission bar. Players in families with a Level 5 Mansion are able to collect up 6,000 Family Experience points per day instead of 3,000 for today and tomorrow only.

Earn 2x Family XP from Aug 16 00:00 PDT (GMT- 7) to Aug 17 23:59 PDT(GMT -7) from the Family XP Progress objectives.




Latest News: FREE Health Point

Boost your health with a FREE health point!


Daniela’s Deal 2 Final Collection

If you purchased the second round of Daniela’s Deal on the day it was offered than this week marks your final collection [1]. For reasons unknown there is no collection/notification link on the home page for the final week. You have to go sure you go to the Marketplace and collect from the Daniela's Deal tab. The same thing happened for the first version and many forgot to collect [1]. At this time we don’t know if there will be a 3rd offering of this deal [1]. I guess that will depend on Zynga's confidence of the game lasting another year. Deciding to purchase it again will depend on yours.


Latest News: Free 5 2X Mastery Boost from Mafia Wars Team

Free 5 2X Mastery Boost from Mafia Wars Team


New Daily Shuffle Loot Items

Eleven loot items were added to the Daily Shuffle. Some of the items from the last update are still present so we can’t really call this a refresh [1]. Since these items already exist in the inventory it took a few days to figure what was added. The new items come from the old Limited Edition, Desperado and Confectionary Crates. Thanks to Shu Yun Zheng for figuring this out. In the end it probably doesn't matter since most of us get the junk! If anything needs to be changed they should switch out the useless South Africa items and replace them with Mexico items.



Launderide Drop Rates

As mentioned in the walkthrough the Dirty Laundry Secret District came with a few surprises [1]. In addition to the elimination of those pesky Bandits also came an increase in the skill point bonuses and a good piece of loot called the Launderide. If you recall the past few Secret Districts have had horrible drop rates and acquiring enough items to get the bonuses wasn’t something fun to do [1]. The Dirty Laundry Secret District is different and the drop rates are much better. It still surprises me to see the little red truck flash a decent boost in my equipment score whenever it drops. Like many Secret Districts in the past it will be fun to try to max on this item. Since the goal is more realistic now, it’s time to review the drop rates on the bronze and ruby levels. As you can see from the images below the drop rate is based on the number of jobs you do and not the energy you spend or the level you are on. With that being said you will get many more of these items on the bronze level but it could mess up your leveling. The best bronze job not requiring a consumable is 2.058 but on the ruby level it’s 2.193.


The images below also demonstrate that Zynga still hasn’t done anything to fix the Top Mafia Bonuses. They claim nothing was changed but it seems like bullshit to me as they have been below 5% for about 10 months now [1]. Even at 2% this does up the ratio for the bronze job to 2.13 so it may be enough for many to still serial level. If it’s not enough for you then try the silver level and then gold. The gold level has the same ratios as the ruby so staying on gold if you can’t level on bronze or silver is the way to go. On the bronze run less than 1 million energy was spent to get 21 Launderides and on the ruby over 5 million was spent to get 23.

Bronze Level


Ruby Level


The Secret District is here for 15 days so you only need 34 Landerides per day to get the job done. To see how many you need and track your progress, use the Inventory Grouper 2 by Team Spockholm. Scroll to Secret District, click on ‘36’ and then scroll to the bottom. Click on the red X next to Launderides to see how many more you need to max out.



Latest News: FREE Attack Point

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