Zynga Addresses Game Outage

Latest News: Free 6 Absinthe Shots from Mafia Wars Team

Free 6 Absinthe Shots from Mafia Wars Team


Daily Notification Gift Link Stats

Daily Notification gifts were introduced to the game about 4 months ago [1]. Since then our admins have been diligent about posting this links on our fan page everyday. Yesterday Mike Nestor created a static link and it made things much easier [1]. It’s no longer necessary for you to wait for someone to make a new link each day and the best thing about it is we can eliminate tiny urls as these are not safe. They can be mimicked and direct you anywhere. The spockon.me links ONLY go to Mafia Wars and can’t be duplicated. You may see copied versions of our link floating around but they were converted to tiny urls to disguise the original source. Another benefit of spockon.me links is you can preview them and track the statistics. We can see that the daily notification gifts are popular. In just one day over 20,000 of you click on it!



Latest News: Free 2 Mexicali Machetes from Mafia Wars Team

We are giving away FREE Mexicali Machete to help you battle the Bosses of Mexico!


Mexico City Missions: 9-16

As mentioned in a previous post, a second round of City Missions in Mexico have been released. There are a total of 8 new Missions and they cover Districts 4, 5 and 6. If you haven’t gotten there yet then you won’t be able to progress. Like the last batch all players have the same number of tasks and you will need to spend lots of energy and stamina to complete them. City Missions aren’t on a timer so there is no need to rush. If you already completed a required task, it will be auto-checked. I found these Missions to be very buggy and had to spend over 1,000 reward points to get through them for this post. Hopefully Zynga will fix the bugs before the masses get to parts that have them. Many have asked us when more districts will unlock in Mexico so this should keep them busy until they do. As of today there are no server images but my best guess would be this or next week [1]. This walkthrough contains Missions 9-16. Use the link below for Missions 1-8. For a closer look at the loot items offered with these Missions, go here. As shown below, you don't need to finish Missions 1-8 in order to work on Missions 9-16. Those who haven't finished Missions 1-8 will have 2 Mexico City icons on their Missions bar and can access both sets.


Missions 1-8


Mission 9: Bad Day


Mission 10: Goose Chase


Mission 11: Rich Bounty



Mission 12: Double-Crossers



Mission 13: Lion’s Share



Mission 14: Make Them Talk



Mission 15: Judas’ Kiss



Mission 16: Lessons Learned



The consumables you will need to have a lot of are shown below.

District 4


District 5


District 6



Level 5 Mansion Statistics

The Spockholm Family has fully upgraded their Mansion and thanks to them we have the statistics needed to complete the upgrade and reward chart shown below. Before the bonuses offered with the Mansion, the maximum number of Family Experience points a player could contribute to Family Progression was 2,400 (600 per category) per day. With the 25% Family Experience bonus it’s now 3,000 (750 per category). Considering it takes 311,625,000 Family Experience points to get to Level 15 this isn’t as helpful as it appears. I'm definitely not complaining because it's much better than nothing. A family of 101 has the potential to bring in 60,600 additional points per day so over time it will add up. Family Business Missions and the Mansion will help many families reach their goals sooner but more options are still needed. For more details on The Mansion, go here and for upgrading strategies go here.


Levelpartsneeded experiencebonus



Max TotalX4

Latest News: FREE Energy Point

"Complete more jobs & advance more quickly with a FREE energy point!


The Daily Take/Daily Shuffle Bug?

The Daily Shuffle was reintroduced to the game with a twist. We can share and collect up to 5 of our mafia members Daily Shuffles per day. We can also collect our own and up to 5 of our mafia members Daily Takes per day. Some players have reported that the game is limiting them to 5 of either or and not both. I tested this out on 2 of my accounts and was able to collect 5 of each so either this is a server specific bug or perhaps scripts were in play. Please let us know what happens to you. The error message for both features is exactly the same so I wouldn’t be surprised if something gets lost in translation on some accounts. Regardless if this is a bug or not, Zynga should fix the error message on the Daily Shuffle so it says ‘You have already collected from 5/5 friend shuffles today.” to avoid confusion. Thanks to Christopher Beams and Kara McDivitt for reporting this on our fan page.



Latest News: Free 5 Quick Blades from Mafia Wars Team

Free 5 Quick Blades from Mafia Wars Team


Daily Shuffle ‘Glitch’ Warning: Do NOT Use

Earlier we posted what appeared to be a Daily Shuffle Glitch (I pulled the post). It will work but there is a huge catch. It will use 3 reward points for each shuffle and it will keep ‘working’ until all but 2 of your reward points are gone. Please disregard the post if it appears in your RSS feeds. If you see others posting about it kindly let them know that the gltich does NOT work. Each shuffle cost 3 reward points so this is not a viable glitch. Thanks to Mallory Knox for noticing so quickly. You can see by the last 2 screen shots from before and after the 'glitch' was used that all but 2 reward points were taken and that is why it stopped working.


Latest News: Free 5 Quick Blades from Mafia Wars Team

Free 5 Quick Blades from Mafia Wars Team


5 Free Sticky Situations

The Mafia Wars Team is giving us 5 free Sticky Situations for the current Buzz Craft event. This gift will appear in your notifications. You need to have Mafia Wars notifications turned on. You can use the link below if your settings are adjusted properly. Sometimes you need to click these links two times. Go here for more detailed instructions on how you need to adjust your settings if it doesn’t work. Thanks to Edward for posting on our fan page.



Latest News: Free Stamina Point

"Keep fighting & robbing with a FREE stamina point!


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