News Feed Error Persists for Some Players

Today Zynga updated their post about the news feed issue and claimed it was fixed [1]. This may be true for some players but many are still reporting the issue. If your requests are still broke, there is a workaround provided by Team Spockholm. If your requests still aren't working, go here for instructions. The fix was added to the Spockholm Toolbar so there is no longer a need to manually add it. If it's not there, click the force reload link located in the Configuration Page.


Latest News: Free 6 Absinthe Shots from Mafia Wars Team

Free 6 Absinthe Shots from Mafia Wars Team


Desperado Crates

Desperado Crates are now available in the Marketplace. This is the 90th Crate to be offered in Mafia Wars. The items inside these crates are shown below.

Desperado Crates normally cost 12 reward points each or 3 for 35. During Marketplace Promotions they are usually available for 8 or 9 reward points each. Once the next crates are released and there is a promotion they will be available for 6 reward points (unless Zynga changes something).


To see what’s inside these crates, click on the help mark.


Here is a closer look at the items. As always Crates are listed by their drop probability on the help page but that is different from the quality shown on the individual loot pages.







A post with the title Desperado wouldn’t be complete without this catchy tune (for those old enough to remember)!


Mafia Wars Request Errors

Today our fan page is full of players reporting errors when trying to post Mafia Wars requests. At this time I’m not sure what this is all about but feel free to comment if you have more information. It's kind of hard to play the game if you can't post anything so hopefully Zynga will get to the bottom of it.


Latest News: Free 5 Decoys Boosts from Mafia Wars Team

Free 5 Decoys Boosts from Mafia Wars Team


Bonus District Achievement Added: Groot Finale!

There is a new achievement for the Bonus District in South Africa. If you already completed all 20 jobs in the district, go to your profile page to get it. Unlike the previous 4 achievements for this district [1], the Groot Finale! only comes with 1 skill point but you get a loot item as a consolation prize. This is truly an after the fact type of achievement. It’s odd that bronze, silver, gold and ruby achievements were granted for jobs 1-6 but only 1 achievement is offered for jobs 7-20. We wondered if there would be more achievements coming as incentive to do the Bonus District and now we know the answer [1]. Thanks to Sammy Aus Cux for the screen shot, players who haven't mastered Joburg will have the banner shown below on their home page.


Latest News: FREE 2 Tri-Rages as a gift from MW Team

FREE 2 Tri - Rages from MW Team


Daily Shuffle Pulled

The Daily Shuffle feature was released 5 days ago and has been on a very slow roll ever since[1],[2]. Today it was pulled and will be gone until further notice by Zynga. Technical difficulties was the reason cited. The original post can be found here.


Latest News: Daily Shuffle - Feature unavailable (Official Info)


We are experiencing some technical issues with the “Daily Shuffle” feature and have temporarily removed it from the game.

Daily Shuffle feature will be unavailable in the game from 9 AM PDT on April 20, 2014 until further notice.

We will keep you updated on the status as and when we have more information to share.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

-Mafia Wars Team


Farewell To Goldie Angelo

Goldie Angelo was released less than 2 months ago and he is moving on [1]. Once your family defeats the current fight or the 7 day timer runs out, he won’t return. If you family already defeated him than your Boss Fights Page will be blank. This usually means a new Family Boss is on the way. Thanks to Shu Yun Zheng for posting this on our fan page.



Latest News: FREE Health Point

Hoost your health with a FREE health point!



How To Get Daily Notification Gifts from Mafia Wars

Earlier in the month we made a post showing that some players were getting daily free gifts from Mafia Wars via Facebook notifications [1]. I’m not 100% sure but I think we figured out how to get them. Thanks to the help of Christopher Browne and Shu Yun Zheng the steps shown below should get these gifts on your account. After following the appropriate steps, I believe there is a delay of up to 2 weeks before they kick in. If you already have the settings adjusted as they are below, try reversing them and adding them back. After doing just that and waiting exactly 2 weeks, I started getting these daily.


Step 1: Go to your Facebook Settings


Step 2: Click the ‘Notifications’ link located in the far right column.


Step 3: Click on the ‘Edit’ link from the App requests and activity option.


Step 4: Scroll to find Mafia Wars and check the box to the right. This will turn on your notifications.


Step 5: Once your Mafia Wars notifications kick in, check the Notifications Page daily to find your gift. I believe it takes about a week or two to start getting them. For a list of the gifts players have seen so far, go here.



Latest News: FREE Health Point

Hoost your health with a FREE health point!



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