3 Proven Strategies Mafia Mafia Wars

3 Proven Strategies Mafia Mafia Wars
Onine Mafia Wars is a great game but ultimately successful, you need to maximize the size of your family. Just bring to move through the levels and mastering the game, you must build your mob. Here are three ways to accomplish this great and do not buy or earn points godfather to get there.
Expand your contacts on Facebook and MySpace
Chances are you know quite a bit 'more people than you think. Many of them are already on Facebook or MySpace to spend some time finding someone to know so you can send invitations to join the Mafia. Probably not wise to include CO = worker or boss, but someone else is just fair game. You probably do not mind, and their direct participation is not necessarily a decisive anyway.
Search the forums and chats
Mafia Wars is very popular and there are a lot of forums and chat rooms dedicated to the game. Them out through Google. Only that it is very likely to get some good advice for the game, you'll find people who are willing to join the mafia and if combine their mutual. This is a completely free way to build your own mafia.
List of Craigslist or blog
You can post an ad on Craigslist, advertising for people to join your mafia. Believe it or not many people who will respond and we are pleased to join the mafia. Just be careful and not give out personal information when you are sure that the person who answered is wrong. So if you have a blog with all kinds of traffic on the site after announcing his desire to recruit members for its new family of Mafia Wars Mafia. This can help new members quickly and efficiently.
Using these tips, you find that you can build your own mafia family very quickly. You might even be able to construct a complete family of 500 members. If you can get, you'll be a better player and find great success in the game


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